Additional Experienced Speech Topics

The Formation of Regional Water and Sewer Districts (available to clients only)

Delinquent Bill Collection for Water, Sewer and Stormwater Charges: Due Process Requirements and Other Pitfalls

Conflicts Over Service Territory (contact our office for availability)

Water Services and Annexation

Seven Ways to Help Avoid or Prevent Annexation (available to clients only)

Merger of an Unincorporated Area of a Township to a Municipality or Village (2011)

Certification of Delinquent Bills to the County Auditor for Water, Sewer and Stormwater Charges: How and When (Is Your County Auditor Doing It Wrong?)

Storm Sewer Districts, Are They Right for You?

Township Limited Home Rule

Alternatives for Providing Water and Sewer Services in Townships

All About Regional Water and Sewer Districts

Service Contracts and Tap Agreements with Developers, Businesses and Individuals

Easements for Water and Sewer Projects: How to Fully Protect Your Entity

The Eminent Domain Process, Including When and Where to Use The “Quick Take” Procedure

Avoiding Litigation Over Your Construction Project: Unforseen Site Conditions and Other Pitfalls

Special Assessment Process for Planning and Construction Projects

Intergovernmental Water and Sewer Service Contracts

Using Regional Districts for Stormwater Projects: A New Solution to an Old Problem